Michael Borreca

President of M. Bodas Painting

Hi my name is Michael Borreca and I am the president of M. Bodas Painting Inc., a top Commercial/Residential Painting specialist here to serve and fulfill all your painting needs.

M. Bodas Painting is a family run business. We have been in business for over 30 years. I started this business with my stepfather Augie. Now our business is run by myself and my son Michael August. At M. Bodas Painting, we take pride in our company and the service we provide to you, our customers. M. Bodas Painting is "Where Quality Counts” -- we refuse to have an unhappy customer. Upholding our reputation as a first-rate, dependable company has been our goal. My painters are all experienced, professional, reliable workers that have worked for me for many years, I trust them and so can you.

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Our company is a fully insured and licensed painting company. I promise you a reasonable price. Beware of really low bids. It usually means that the contractor has either hired inexperienced workers, he doesn’t really understand what he is doing, or he doesn’t have the necessary insurance coverage. My price is always based on great quality, covering all the expenses that legal businesses have and including a reasonable, moderate profit.

We provide no-charge, no-obligation estimates and consultations. If you would like to arrange for an appointment to review your needs, please contact us at 516-220-9450 or email bodasptg@optonline.net. Check us out on Facebook at M Bodas Painting.

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